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Duke & Devine’s General Store arose during the pandemic.

As restaurants were ordered to close, the ownership of Duke & Devine’s Irish Pubs immediately felt a great deal of stress for themselves, their community but also their suppliers. One of Duke & Devine’s main suppliers was a small “mom and pop shop” fruit and vegetable supplier named Alex.

Supporting Local Business

With the lock-down and closures, we knew immediately that the Alex was going to face very difficult times ahead and possibly bankruptcy.

Wanting to do our own small part in supporting a local business; we set out to have the ownership of the restaurant, the staff and some of our regulars start to buy produce from Alex in the form of Fruit and Vegetable baskets.

Quality & Freshness

The quality and freshness of the market fresh products that we had access to was so well received from our clients that we soon started getting more and more requests from friends and friends of friends!

Beyond loving the quality, our guests appreciated being able to quickly have a box prepared and delivered and saved them the time of shopping or going into the grocery stores. Some guests loved receiving items that they needed to learn new recipes for! With such great success, we slowly expanded our offering into other restaurant grade products such as oysters, chicken, filet mignon and lobsters.

High Quality Products

After our 1st week, we realized that our clients were thrilled to bring home high quality restaurant grade products. From the feedback we received on the quality of our products; it was heartwarming to know that we were still able to bring happiness and joy to our clients even if we were not making the food for them to enjoy in our dining room.

What started off as a small gesture to help a humble, reliable, and delightful local supplier, our small Duke and Devine’s General store has blossomed into something Devine! (Oh C’mon! that was a good pun!).

100% Satisfaction

At Duke and Devine’s Irish Pub we always strive to offer our guests the highest quality meal and experience. If a guest is not completely satisfied with their meal, it is our pleasure to make amends.

With the Duke and Devine’s General Store: we stand by that same desire to satisfy our guests. If a product is not 100% to your satisfaction- It will be our pleasure to replace this item for you. We stand by this guarantee!